Our hungry neighbors need YOU! More than ever, people struggling with hunger and homelessness are turning here for help this winter. What's already a difficult season here in the Bay Area has been made even harder by the pandemic.  

By giving a gift today, you'll welcome men, women and children from our community with a hot, nourishing meal for just $2.09.  

Our goal is to fill our pantry by Monday, March 1. Please donate generously now!

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to feed & care for 72 people
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The Bay Area Rescue Mission is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that relies on private, tax-deductible donations to feed, shelter and care for our community's poor, hungry and homeless men, women and children.

No third parties will have access to your information.

To make a gift by phone, please call (510) 215-4880.

To make a gift by mail, send to:
Bay Area Rescue Mission
P.O. Box 1112
Richmond, CA 94802

We also now accept
PayPal for donations:

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